FgG will handle personal information in accordance with applicable laws and the terms below:

Acquisition of Personal Information
FgG may obtain personal information from time to time during the course of its business without unlawful means (“personal information” herein has the same meaning defined in the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law). FgG will comply with the applicable laws and policies that the Japanese government promulgates in administration of privacy policy.
Use of Personal Information
FgG will clarify its purposes for obtaining personal information prior thereto, and will not exceed the extent clarified in use of such personal information without prior consent of its principal unless applicable laws or governmental policies require otherwise.
Safety Management of Personal Information
FgG will take measures necessary and appropriate including supervision of employees for safety of personal information obtained to prevent leak, spill or loss thereof.
Outsourcing Administration of Personal Information
FgG may outsource the administration of personal information to third parties for the use thereof within the purposes clarified in accordance with preceding paragraphs. In such case, FgG will supervise such third-party subcontractors for appropriate administration of private information.
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party
FgG will not disclose personal information without consent of its principal to any third party unless applicable laws require such disclosure.
Disclosure and Modification of Personal Information

FgG will disclose personal information to its principal in a timely manner when the principal requests to do so. But until FgG verifies the identity of the principal, FgG will not follow such request. In the event that personal information contains any error, and that its principal requests to modify, add to or delete such personal information, FgG will follow such request after appropriate inspection. But until FgG verifies the identity of the principal, FgG will not follow such request.

For requests or inquiries regarding FgG’s administration of personal information, please contact the following:

Fuji&gumi Games Co., Ltd.
Responsible Person for Administration of Personal information
Yoshiro Taneda (President and Representative Director)
E-mail :

Amendment of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. The amended Privacy Policy shall be effective immediately after publication thereof on this Website unless FgG explicitly designates otherwise.
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